For participants


1. Registration (On-site only)

  • On-site registration will be open during the following opening hours.
  • Thursday, September 22nd7:15 - 18:00
    Friday, September 23rd8:00 - 16:00
  • The registration fee for all meeting participants includes abstracts and all congress activities, and welcome reception.
  • We only accept cash for the payment (Japanese yen only).
  • For Full Meetings*Accompanying persons**
    Registration FeeJPY12,000JPY2,000

*Registration fees for full meetings include the welcome reception.
**Registration fees for accompanying persons are for the welcome reception and exhibition area only.

2. Badges

Only your personal badge allows you to access all scientific sessions and the exhibition. Thus, please wear your name badge throughout the congress.

3. Cloakroom / Left Luggage

A cloakroom on the 4th floor is available to keep your coat and bag for free of charge.

Thursday, September 22nd7:15 - 21:15
Friday, September 23rd8:00 - 17:30

4. Flights / Hotel accommodation

Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd., the official travel agency, offers its services at the "Travel Desk" in the congress venue on all congress days.

5. Cameras and Recordings

Any kind of electronic recording as well as taking photographs is prohibited in all lecture halls during all sessions.

6. Wi-Fi

All meeting rooms offer free Wi-Fi.


Instruction for Oral Presentation

  1. The Speaker's Preview Desk is located on the 4th floor. Please register your presentation data at the Speaker's Preview Desk during the following opening hours.
  2. Thursday, September 22nd7:15 - 18:00
    Friday, September 23rd8:00 - 16:30
  3. Please complete the registration and check your presentation data at the PC preview Desk at least 30 minutes before your presentation time. If you bring your own PC, please confirm the power output.
  4. If you bring a USB flash memory, an operator will download the data and copy it to the server. The secretariat will take responsibility to delete the copied data after the meeting.

Precautions When Bringing Your Own PC

  1. Macintosh users are required to bring your own PC. If video material is included in the presentation data, we recommend you bring your own PC. We also recommend any video data to be in WMV format which can be played on Windows Media Player. All data files should be in one folder, including any reference files such as video images.
  2. Please cancel the password, screensaver, and powersaving settings of your PC in advance.
  3. Connection for outsourcing data is only D-sub 15 pin. Please check that the PC you will use on the day has D-sub 15 pin. If you have a different output connector, please bring a conversion cord. Also, please remember to bring your computer's AC adapter.
  4. If your PC has only HDMI output, please bring the conversion adapter to D-SUB.
  5. Even if you bring your own PC, please prepare back-up of your data on media as well.
  6. After a preview is performed at computer registration, please take your own PC with you to the computer operator seats at the front left side of the venue.

Precautions When Bringing Media

  1. The equipment that is available on the day uses Windows OS. Please note that it is not compatible with Macintosh.
  2. The application software is limited to Windows PowerPoint 2003-2013.
    ※We do not support in PowerPoint 2016.
  3. Please use standard fonts such as Arial, Century, Times New Roman, etc.
  4. If you use video materials, we recommend you bring your own PC.
  5. Video material is limited to that which can be played on the following software: Windows Media Player
    ※Video material created with codecs that can be played on default Media Player.
  6. Please be sure to check the media that it can be played on another PC than the one it was created on.

After Data Registration

  1. Please be seated on the speaker's standby seat during the presentation directly before yours.
  2. A mouse and keypad will be available on the podium table for your use during your presentation.

Instruction for Poster Presentation

  1. Posters will be shown throughout the congress.
  2. Attachment and removal time is scheduled as mentioned below. Please note that any posters remaining over the removal time will be disposed of by the secretariat.
  3. DateAttachmentRemoval
    Thursday, September 22nd7:30 - 10:30
    Friday, September 23rd15:00 - 17:00
  4. Please come to your poster panel no later than 15 minutes before your scheduled presentation time.
  5. Presentation time is minutes: 4 min. for the presentation and 2 min. for discussion.
  6. The size of panel is 210cm by 90cm. The presentation number will be provided in advance. Please refer to the sample. The presenter must prepare the title for the poster.
  7. We suggest that text and diagrams be arranged appropriately so that the poster is legible from a distance.

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